Crohn Disease and Ulcerative Colitis for those who speak english

06-01-2017 00:08 -

I noticed there is an high interest on this site from Russia, United States, Germany, Ukraine, France, Canada, Great Britain, ecc.

My english is not perfect so I apologize if my writings won´t be in perfect engligh but it´s good enough so bit by bit I will translate the articles starting from those related to Crohn Disease and ulcerative colitis.

A brief introduction: in 1987 I was not trained in medicine nor in alternative treatmentes. I got sick of Crohn desease, a severe form which brought me to an operation in 87 and another one in 1990 with resection of 35 cm of ileum and 5 cm of colon.

I was told that in about 2 years the symptoms would have come back and that I would have gotten more cortisone and if that was not enough I would have been heading for another operation. Well . . . after exactly 2 years I started to get symptoms: diarrhea, and tiredness; looking at my past esperience with this illness it was clear these were the first signes that the Crohn disease was relapsing. This is the exact moment when I took my decision: "no more official medicine !"

It was a very interesting moment because even though I had absolutely no idea concerning the "how" I was quite certain I would have found a solution and so I did.

I started to look around and I found some books from Adelle Davis a researcher on vitamins and healthy eating. I read the book "Let´s get well" and based on her writings I drew up a vitamin program with the idea – this was my hope – to stop the worsening. Something much more incredible happened: day after day my symptoms were decreasing !

Happiness and joy started to pervade myself. All the most expert gastroenterologist had always told me that it was not possible to improve this illness except keeping it under control with cortisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Yet by just reading one book I was able to fully recover the condition of clinical "remission".

Day after day my condition was fully recovering; every day I was feeling my energy increasing and my evacuations normalizing. In just one week of this treatment I was fully back in shape with no drugs but only a specific vitamin program. Since then I developped many programs for Crohn didease which I followed myself. Since then I never again experienced those tipical Crohn symptoms and my last exams are normal, same for my last ecography.

This made me ask few questions like:
if I, as an absolute ignorant on the subject of medicine and gastroenterology (at that time in 1990) , was able to find just in a book of popularizing medicine the solution that no gastroenterologist was able to give to me, what was wrong with gastroenteric medicine ?

If just one book gave me such interesting results, what would have been possible to obtain in relation to Crohn disease with a full study of the subject ?

Today I have an answer to this second question.

From that moment I started to study medicine and alternative medicine first my myself and later on in an official school of alternative medicines the Université Européenne Jean Monnet Bruxelles.
Using my own physical condition I developped different programs addressing the causes of Crohn disease. In 2008 I started to officially treat also other persons with Crohn. Crohn is one of my "specialities", not the only one.

Official medicine will tell you that there is no clear cause to Crohn disease. This is however not correct. Through my reasearch I found different causes which, when addressed with a proper natural program would determine a clear improvement in the physical condition of the majority of those ill with Crohn disease.

Up to now almost 200 persons with either Crohn or ulcerative colitis started my programs and the statistics say that a minimum of 85% of those who do the full program obtain from good to excellent results. This is a much higher percentage if compared with what official medicine can offer.

One reason why I thought it was now time to translate all this knowledge in english is the fact that it is now possible from all over the world to obtain the products and materials needed to carry out the new naturopathic protocols for Crohn and U.C.

Another reason is that I could not find – at least not on the web – similar programs in the United States nor in english language. Even the most advanced schools of naturopathic medicine like the Bastyr University do not seem to have developped anything similar. So although I love very much my country I cannot keep this tecnology only within national borders.

This is a very small introduction, unfortunately I do not have much time but in the next months I will make available also in english bit by bit the basic knowledge about the new protocols for Crohn disease and U.C.

If you wish to contact me to get directly more informations you can write to me at it or you can call me at +393357926742.
If you are suffering from Crohn or U.C. I will be glad hearing from you and talking to you.

Best Regards

Maurizio Bertucci Naturopath
Professor (associated) of
Popular University Nicolas Flamel